Sunday, 31 August 2014

Home is where the Heart is!

Hello! It's certainly been a while since I last blogged and what an exciting journey I have been on during that time. I'm not a big fan of change, in fact I hate it but as they say 'nothing endures but change' so I took it all in my stride.

Back in January I moved (again!) to a lovely little place nestled amongst the Shropshire countryside. I didn't move far, I'm still in the same village but it's more rural and far more prettier. I wake up to such an amazing view every morning. I'm so lucky. I'm definitely a home bird and a country bumpkin!

The view from my garden

However our little place needed a lot of repairs and work carrying out. Armed with piles of home magazines I browsed the pages for inspiration. We new we wanted our new home to be free of clutter and also fresh and bright but also keeping in style with the surrounding countryside. We were very quick to decide on a colour theme. We went for cream and charcoal grey in the end with lots of wooden (pine) furniture.

The kitchen was the first room to be sorted. When we moved in the kitchen was not the heart of the home. Brown wooden effect panels adhered to the walls, mixed with a pink and white patterned tile. The dark brown units were well used and hanging off the walls and the space for the washing machine was in a silly place. The cooker was right opposite, leaving a few inch gap to squeeze in to put the laundry in and out of the machine. 

I already knew exactly what I wanted for the kitchen and I was so pleased with the finished results. I chose ivory cupboards with light wooden work tops and a beautiful mini range in cream. The new layout of the kitchen made more sense and was practical and now it really does feel the heart of my home! 
I love my new kitchen!  

I enjoy spending time in the kitchen now and last week I made blackberry cordial and elderberry syrup after I came home with an abundance from the fields.

The bathroom was next on the list and very outdated. Also we discovered a slow leak which was located behind the wall of the shower. It had obviously been leaking for some time but it needed fixing. At the same time we decided to have a white bathroom suite fitted replacing the avocado one. I really enjoyed shopping online for a new roman blinds (cream) and bathroom furniture. I wanted storage for all my lotion and potions so I was thinking of space saving furniture like a cupboard that fitted around the basin. 

Next job was something that we had wanted to do for a while but needed to wait until the spring. Our garden had no lawn. It was just patio and not suitable for our dog, guinea pigs and rabbit. The garden looked awful as the slabs were lifted and taken away revealing a large muddy patch! The patch was raked over and rolls of turf were laid. We thought about using grass seed but it would have been impossible to keep our dog off it. As it was he lay on our new lawn straight away! 

Flowers beds were created, plants and shrubs planted (I brought everything with me from my previous garden!) and a rose arch constructed. As of now my climbing roses are almost reaching the top of the frame! 

The garden now looks like an outdoor sanctuary and it's been lovely to enjoy sitting in it this summer. The chiminea has been lit on cooler nights and the sunsets over the fields have been breath taking!

A more recent job has been watching a frosted window between the kitchen and lounge being taken out! I have to say I was delighted because it meant we could have French doors! Rob did all the work himself (with some help from a neighbour) and wow, what a different it has made! Obviously the new doors made the rest of the doors look awful so naturally these needed replacing. We currently have three more doors left to do. Not only has Rob replaced and fitted the doors, he replaced the door linings and architrave with beautiful pine ones.

Before and after pictures. Rob has had replaster the walls and prep them for being painted

More importantly (and exciting!) Rob and I got married in July! After a very long engagement (7 years!) we finally booked the ceremony and venue 10 weeks before our chosen date. It was a beautiful day and one I shall treasure forever. 

Needless to say my sewing machine has been rather neglected this year. I have been finding time to knit and crochet in the evenings, especially now as the nights are drawing in. I've got my fingers crossed for an Indian summer! (Wouldn't that be lovely?!) 

Crochet blanket that I started back in the spring. Its finished now!

Thanks for taking the time to read my little blog again. I've missed blogging, even if I'm only writing to myself! 

Love Nikki