Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Pretty Flowers All in a Row Swap

A while ago a friend of mine, Sarah organised a swap on Instagram and I jumped at the chance to take part. I met Sarah over a year ago on Twitter and I was seriously impressed with the things she makes. I took part in another swap with Sarah a while ago and along with some lovely gifts I was thrilled to receive one of her bags and cards. Designs by Sazy B can be found here. It's well worth taking a look.

A Designs by Sazy B bag

Sarah's swap was called Pretty Flowers all in a Row and I was pretty excited to start it. I was very lucky to be paired with another lovely friend of mine, Vicky, whom I also met on Twitter. I've taken part in a few swaps and really enjoy them.

Parcels from Vicky 

Vicky put such thought into her swap parcels. I love the heart she knitted especially for this swap and its in two of my favourite colours, cream and pink. 

Here it is hanging up on my sideboard in the dining room. 

Lovely gifts from Vicky
 (I also had chocolates but I ate them before I could take a photo - oops!)

I forgot to take a photo of the swap gifts I sent to Vicky. I sent her a shopping bag with flowers on, a packet of seeds, a pretty box of long matches for candles and a phone case I made out of floral fabric. 

Thanks Sarah for organising such a lovely swap and thank you Vicky for being a great swap partner.

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