Friday, 17 May 2013

Handy Size Box Bags

With Father's day quickly approaching in the UK I thought it would be nice to make gifts for my Dad instead of buying something which can sometimes be difficult and impersonal. My Dad is so hard to buy for as he always tells my sister and I that he has everything he could wish for. That may be such a beautiful thing to say but it really doesn't help us out finding a suitable gift.

I find it is hard to make things for men. I have so many ideas that are more suited to woman and I do love pretty fabrics. Over the years I have made my dad little gifts, such as a tiny cross stitch pillow and a patchwork cushion featuring a photo of our beloved dog Ben.

The patchwork cushion I made my Dad for Christmas 2012

I came up with the idea of little box shaped bags, that could be useful for keeping bits and pieces in. I bought some fabric that was more suited for men (I resisted the urge to buy pretty floral's!) and sketched out some rough designs.

I made one for my fiance to test out for me and he was very impressed with how roomy the little bag is. It holds his keys, loose change and phone, keeping them together in one place. It is also very useful for storing dog bags in as we never leave the house with out them. (Even when our dog is not with us! It has become a habit)

I had to make some more in pretty fabric as the bags are just the right size to keep make up in a handbag.

I am working on a design for making these bags in a larger size for travel wash bags. I always like having a new wash bag when I go on holiday and can see these bags being very useful. As the bag has boxed corners it's quite surprising how much can fit in them. Perfect for all my lip glosses!

I have more ideas for father day gifts, so I shall blog about them soon!

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