Sunday, 20 January 2013


For those of you who follow me on Instagram you will know that my WIP'S (works in progress) have been bothering me lately. Just after Christmas I sat down and wrote all my unfinished projects in a notebook and was a little shocked to discover I have 16 on the go! Oops. I really wanted to start work on a patchwork throw for the bed but I couldn't shake off that niggling feeling that I really should finish off some of my projects that were now finding themselves into corners of every room.

Shadow wanted to 'help' and after diving into my wool stash he decided to make himself quite comfortable on the sofa!

 I decided to work on a crochet blanket that I began way back during the late summer months as it was almost finished. I needed 36 more blocks before the joining could begin. With the weather turning colder and frosty it was the perfect project to snuggle up on the sofa with. 

A few more squares to go!

At this point I was really excited to see the finished blanket. I couldn't wait to begin joining up the little squares and I was even looking forward to weaving in all the ends!

Finally finished!

I was so pleased to tick off a WIP off my list in my notebook and this has encouraged me to work on others. The blanket is so cosy and warm and so far I've managed to keep Shadow from pinching it! I'm keeping a look out in the local antique shop for a small rocking chair to display my crochet blanket and I was thinking of making some cushions for it as well. 

The next WIP on my list to have some attention is a cross stitch from Cross Stitcher Homestyle magazine that I started way back in the autumn. It's my first cross stitch on evenweave but I love the effect and will definately be using more of it in the future. 

Progress so far

I find taking pictures before I put it away really helps me to see how much I've done and I'm enjoying working on this so much I can't believe it's been left in a bag for all these months!
I haven't been working entirely on WIP's, I have actually started (and finished!) a few mini projects in between. 

I made this hot water bottle cover using chunky wool and made the flowers from scrap bits of yarn I had in my stash. It only took a couple of hours to complete and it's been keeping me warm while I work on those WIP's!

I also found time to make up a few yarn holders. I had the idea way back in January 2012 and even bought the eyelets for them. However I get easily distracted with new projects and put the idea in the back of my mind. It took me quite a few attempts and lots of scribbling out and note making but I finally got the pattern right and now my ball of wool sits inside the yarn holder and keeps it clean and tangled free! 

Off to do some more stitching to the cross stitch I'm working on. It's been snowing here all day so I shall light the fire and candles and find something nice to watch on the television. 

Hope your all keeping warm and well. I would love to hear about any of your WIP's and any tips to help get the finished xx