Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Frosty Mornings and Crafting Afternoons

I can't believe I havent blogged since August! It was summer back then and now we are bracing ourselves for Winter. It certaintly has been a chilly start to December with hard frosts and sleet but I do love proper seasons and Winter has to be my favourite. Maybe it's because I was born in January and snow had fallen turning the world into a winter wonderland.

I love everything about Christmas, espically the lead up. Even though I'm 30, I still have an advent calender and candle. I have my tree up, decorated my dresser and gifts to wrap. I can't help but feel excited.

My Christmas Tree
Making the table lool festive
My Dresser

I love waking up in a morning, drawing back the curtains to a white frost. Everywhere looks so pretty and I don't think there is anything nicer than wrapping up warm, piling on the layers and taking my dog for a walk, returning home, to a fresh pot of coffee and home made bread.

The days are so short now, I love lighting my candles and putting the christmas tree lights on and settle down to do some crafting under my patchwork quilt on the sofa.

I've been working on a number of projects since my last post. Those of you who follow me on Instagram and Twitter will recognise these from my photos. The patchwork quilt I made has become a bit hit with my fiance and dog, so I decided that I needed a girly one that would be just for me!
I'm making up star blocks and then will join them altogether when finished. I'm using pinks, pale blues and mint greens for my quilt, all girly shades.

One block completed
I've also been working on two crochet blankets, one a traditional granny sqaure and the other is one I blogged about in my last post.

I hope you all are feeling very festive and keeping warm! As for me, well I have candles lit, tree lights on and some christmas cross stitch to keep be occupied :)

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  1. Your tree looks amazing!! I wish we had space for a big one, ours is tiny so I've had to limit my decoration buying/making boohoo!!

    I love your patchwork star block too, can't wait to see the quilt when you're done :)