Sunday, 8 July 2012

A little bit of Cross stitch

A few weeks ago I had Cross Stitcher Home Style and as soon as I recieved it, I wanted to get started on a project straight away. I just had to choose which one and with so many beautiful patterns it took me a little while to decide. I finally settled upon a design featuring two birds sat upon a tea cup. I thought it would look nice in my kitchen when finished, hung on the wall. I had an empty frame which I knew would be a perfect fit.

As I did not have the recommended threads I rummaged through my stash and found I had colours in similar shades. I really do have a lot of embroidery threads so this was the perfect way of finally using some up.

I mainly stitched in the evenings whilst watching television. I have a condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy which effects my left hand and wrist so cross stitching is a perfect way of keeping my joints moving and enjoying myself at the same time!

I find cross stitch very addictive and after a couple of weeks my project was completed, back stitch done and hanging up in my kitchen.

I've already started my next cross stitch, again I chose one from the homesyle book. This time I am doing a floral display. I might turn this one into a cushion.


  1. Looks great Nicola! I'm also loving this rose, looking forward to watching this one progress as I'd like to give it a go if I ever find the time :)

  2. The bird cross stitch is brilliant!! I love getting a book or finding a pattern and having that urge to just get stuck in! I got a couple of cross stitch books and over the summer holidays I'm determined to give it a go, along with crochet! I may bug you a lot for tips!! ;) xx