Thursday, 17 May 2012

Zips, Purses and more!

Well this week I have been busy doing what I love best - crafting! I wanted to make up some coin purses as I find them extermely useful for keeping little things in around the house. I also wanted to make up some stock for my shop on Folksy which can be found here.

I've had a go adding zips to purses in the past but I wasn't happy with how the corners turned out. I never seemed to end up with square corners at each end of the zip.

Corners not very neat

I decided to try using zip covers as a way to sew up these purses to see if it made any difference

Zip covers attached


After hours and hours of practice I finally got it right and ended up making these cute little coin purses.

Neat corners!

More purses

I love making zipped purses now! I've ordered more zips as I used up all what I had in my stash so just waiting for them to arrive now. I really enjoyed making the strawberry keyrings. They are available to buy in my Folsky shop.

I also had time to make up cases for mobile phones. I chose some bright flower material and used wadding to add extra protection for the phone.

I've been asked to create a make up brush roll, so I'm looking forward to adding a zip to it! I've already chosen some nice fabrics for it and made a rough design on paper. If my zips arrive soon I might be able to show you in my next post.


  1. Gorgeous makes. I have the same "issues" with zips! Yours have turned out so well though - well done you!

    Rhi x

    1. Thank you :) I can't wait to make some more! x

  2. Good work on the zips!! The coin purses look lovely, as do the very cute strawberries!! My fave is the phone cases though, I love the fabrics!! :) x

    1. Thank you :) I love flower fabrics. My OH would like me to make him a phone case but I've been told I can not use anything with flowers on! lol x

  3. I know you commented on my blog that you've struggled with zips, but your purses look lovely.

    When I put zips in the jewellery rolls I made I used the instructions in Lisa Lam's Bag Making Bible, I found it really easy to follow.

    Happy zipping! x