Saturday, 5 May 2012

My Holiday in St Ives

St Ives, Cornwall

I've just come back from a lovely week away in St Ives, Cornwall. I've been going since I was 14 and it's one of my favourite places. So many things to see and do, a week is never long enough! I planned on spending most of the evenings crafting but as the nights are lighter and the weather was surprisingly mild, I spent the time on the beach with my dogs instead.

I certaintly made the most of having shops right on my doorstep. To get to any shops when I am at home, I have to drive into the nearest town so this was a great novelty to have a wonder several times a day!

I was a regular visitor here!

Of course I was very eager to visit the Cath Kidston shop and have a browse and maybe purchase something. I love all the Cath Kidston designs and could have and probably did spend hours browsing at all the products. On our first day in St Ives, my lovely fiance bought me a bracelet I had wanted for a while.

My lovely bracelet

I also bought a few little treats for myself. I couldn't resist!

My goodies!

The top two photographs are of my make up brush roll. The brushes are made from goat hair and are so soft. The bottom left is a pack of pocket tissues and the bottom right is my new plastic picnic wine glass, although I have been using it today in the house.

I discovered a little shop that sold St Ives fabric. I just had to buy some;

I did find a bit of time to make up some jewellery. I had planned on making more but got distracted with other things!

The week went by so quickly and before I knew it I was back at home! I have some plans next week to spend some time at the sewing machine with my new fabric.

My dog really enjoyed the beaches and spent many hours playing with his ball in the sand. Dog's are not allowed on certain beaches between 8am and 7pm, so every morning we'd be on the beach from 6am. The one beach that does allow dogs all day was entirely covered by sea for most of the day but as soon as the tide turned we were back on it!

I was approached by several dog owners during my week away, concerned and wanting support over the possible dog ban 365 days a year, 24 hours a day on all the beaches in St Ives. Even though I am a dog owner myself, I can see the point of view from both sides. Not every dog owner is responsible enough to clear up after their pets. I always make sure I carry dog bags with me. It only takes seconds to clear up and very little effort. I do hope they leave one beach free for the dogs as Shadow loves the beach and so do I and I would love to return to St Ives!

It was a lovely week away and I created some lovely memories (and bought some nice things too) but now its time to get back crafting and enjoy myself some more!


  1. Sounds like a blissful week! We are hoping to visit St.Ives this year so I know who to come to for tips on places to go and see! :D Love your jewellery, it's so pretty. It is a shame about the beaches as we'd love to take our dog on holiday with us but I can also see the other side too, dog owners who don't clean up after their dogs are selfish and irresponsible, there's nothing worse than a lovely place (or even a road for that matter)being ruined in that way. :S

  2. I have loved reading all of you blog but had to reply on your post about the lovely St Ives. It looks like you had a brilliant time & did some lovely shopping! It's a bit of a shame beaches are becoming less accessible for people with doggies, in 19 years of living in Cornwall I have only once found a problem with dogs on a beach. I hope if you visit again the council has relaxed rather than tightened the ban! Have a great time making with your gorgeous St Ives fabric. x

    1. I'm back in St Ives in October! :) I love Cornwall so much, there isn't anywhere else quite like it. It sounds like dogs will still be allowed on several beaches out of season which is great for us as we prefer it when its quieter anyway. Thanks for your comment :) x