Saturday, 7 April 2012

A new bag

I'm not quite sure where that lovely weather we had a week or so ago disappeared to but I was determined to make the most of it! Armed with fabric and sewing accsesories I enjoyed some sunshine and managed to do a bit of sewing. I had Cath Kidson's Sew book for christmas and had alot of fun making the bag on the front cover. I liked it so much I wanted to try out the lined verson.

As you can tell, I made a mistake with cutting out the pattern! I cut it out so all the dogs were upside down. I won't be doing that again, I shall always double check everything first!!

Unfortunately I hadn't got enough of the scottie dog material left over to cut out another two front bag pieces, so I made a patch work piece instead.

The New Design

Once I made sure all the pieces were cut out correctly (and double checked) I decided to add a pocket in the lining fabric which wasn't in the pattern.

I made the pocket by cutting out two rectangles matching the lining material, attaching interfacing to make it more sturdy. As you can see there are quite a few wrinkles here but I ironed most of them out!

Next I made up the outside of the bag, complete with T junction corners! I thought they looked difficult to do but it was actually quite easy.

The bag with lining complete with a zipped pocket

I decided to use webbing for the handles but needed to order some. Unfortunately while I was waiting for it to be delivered I came down with flu and for the last week been out of action. As soon as I feel well enough to sit at my desk with my sewing machine I shall be finishing off this little project!


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  1. That bag is gorgeous! Well done you! I love the fabric combo, they all go so well together! Hope you're over your flu and feeling much better soon! :) xx