Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A few little things..

This flu bug has really knocked me about. After two weeks of feeling really poorly Im finally on the mend. I'm still really dizzy at times so better take things easy!

I've really missed sewing and thought I'd ease myself back into things with a small project. The result being a pretty needle case. I used the pattern from Cath Kidson's Sew book. I can see that book is proving very useful!

I think the fabric is so pretty. This is what it looks like inside

My OH suprised me with such a lovely thoughful gift. He had pleaced an order for some business cards advertising Sewing Tails...and Other Crafts!

I love the image of the little dog. Anyway this got me thinking of what I could use to store these cards and for my next project I made a very useful card holder.

Even though I was supposed to be taking things easy, I couldn't making myself a travel bag for my upcoming holiday

I can't wait to use it now as I feel a holiday would do me really good!

I've got several more projects that I would like to work on this week. I'm hoping to make up some more bracelets. I had a go yesterday and came up with these

I also took part in Love UK Crafters, which has been launched by Popular Crafts Magazine editor. More details can be found here. My work has been promoted in a short video clip!


  1. Love your little needle case!Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. Wow you've been busy whilst flu-ridden! (I usually hibernate in pyjamas until totally better!!) :D I love your bracelets, really pretty! I used to make jewellery and still have all the tools and a billion or so beads but no time anymore :S Hope you're feeling much better now! :) x

    1. I've had to give in to this flu bug completely now as I think I was doing too much! I'm seeing my doctor on friday incase I need some antibiotics. Tried all the herbal remidies I know! Thanks for your lovely comment :)