Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunny Days in the Garden

Seeing as we're having some beautiful weather at the moment, I thought I'd make the most of it by spending some time in the garden.

We moved to our current cottage three years ago and although the property had been fully refurbished the garden was just grass and rubble by the back door. In the summer it wasn't too much of a problem but when it rained, it was a mud bath. Not great when you have a dog who liked to play in it!

The before view

As you can see from the photo above, we used an old rug to stop the mud traipsing into the house. By the time the picture was taken we'd already started to make improvements by adding a trellis and pot plants.

Last year the garden looked lovely. I created long flower beds around the edge of the garden, and added two salad planters and a greenhouse.

The garden last year

My salad planters

The green wire fencing around the garden is not by choice but a must as my dog liked to walk among the flower beds and "help" to dig!

My greenhouse, dog and potatoes!

This year I've made a start weeding and tidying up the garden after what seems a long winter. Being out in the country the frosts we have are quite severe. I'm pleased to say unlike the previous year I didn't lose any plants.

I've created a patio area

Salad planters prepared

The garden, please excuse my washing!

The garden is already looking a bit better and hopefully when the flower bloom it will look really pretty.


  1. Looking really pretty and after all that hard work isn't it time to sit on your patio with an ice cold drink and enjoy the sunshine and your handiwork!? :)) x

  2. It looks like you have a real sun trap here. Perfect place for a glass of Pimms when all your hard work is finished.

  3. Hi there! Thanks for following me on Twitter! Your veg looks tasty! I would love some lawn.I have a patio & lots of shrubs!Managed to fill the green bin this week before the snow fell this morning! :-/