Thursday, 8 March 2012

Patchwork and Knitting

I've been busy making my second ever patchwork quilt. My first attempt at a quilt was poorly made. I was a complete beginner at sewing and cutting from material and I'm rather ashamed to say I rushed the cutting part. My strips of material were cut freehand and I quickly learnt that measuring and cutting is very important for sewing neat edges. Needless to say my quilt was a disaster but I did learn some important things.

I treated my self to Sew Hip magazine and decided to give the four part Rainbow Quilt Pattern a go. I spent ages measuring and cutting out the pattern. I bought a rotart cutter and a cutting mat which really helped. Once my blocks were done, I could start the fun part of sewing them together and this is how it turned out...

This is before all the rows were sewn together. It's lovely to see the quilt coming together!

I had to lay the quilt and wadding on the lounge floor so I could cut the backing piece. However as soon as it was placed on the floor my dog thought it was for him and lay down on the wadding! I'll be making him his own quilt next!

I'm in the middle of doing the actual quilting at the moment. I'm finding this great fun and I love the pattern the lines make on the backing material. I shall post some pictures in my next blog.

In the evenings I like to do some other crafts. I enjoy knitting although I've only completed small projects I do have a long cardigan on the go. My latest project was an Alan Dart pattern of a springer spaniel.

I've got the Border Collie dog on the go now....really must finish that cardigan!


  1. Aww, the doggy is so sweet!

    Your quilt looks great. You certainly chose a challenging design with lots of different techniques, you'll be ready to tackle anything next!

  2. I've not tried quilting yet, I leave this to my sister-in-law ( Your quilt looks great though, very impressive! I love your spaniel and can't wait to see how your collie turns out. Why not pop over to my blog and have a look at Chester the extreme crochet cat! There's a clue in the name! Oh and welcome to blogland and Twitter. I'm fairly new to this too but it is good fun. You meet some lovely people as you will find out in time!

  3. I am also making the rainbow quilt. I have reached the star panel. Yours is looking great!

  4. Thank you for all your lovely comments. The rainbow quilt has been very enjoyable to make and I've certaintly learnt alot of things about sewing from it