Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Knitting bits and bobs

My work on the border collie has taken a back seat at the moment as I got side tracked by another of Alan Dart's patterns. This one is of a cute little bear holding a cupcake, complete with an apron. I like to think toy patterns help me do develop my knitting skills so I can tackle larger projects.

This is what I've knitted so far...

I know it doesn't even resemble what it's supposed to yet but I hope it will all come together nicely.

I also decided that I needed something to store all my knitting needles so I could easily glance and find what I needed. I came up with making this needle roll

Which opens up into this

It didn't take long to make, although the hardest part was sewing the lines straight. In the end I used masking tape as a guide.

The work in progress cardigan is coming together slowly. The two front pieces are finished and I'm working on the back piece now. It's the most difficult pattern I've attempted so far.

I'm not sure if the cardigan will ever be wearable but I'm certainly enjoying the challenge.


  1. I have to admit the components of the teddy didn't really give away what it was, except for the feet maybe! But looking at the colours you're using I think it will be so pretty.

    Haven't you been busy? Your needle roll is fantastic, I have been meaning to make one of those for my crochet hooks for quite a while now and still not got around to it.

    You seem to have a blue and yellow theme throughout this post! and a lovely post it is too.

  2. Your cardigan looks fantastic! You really are a craft a holic :)