Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fabric Treats!

This week I decided to do some sewing. My quilt still needs binding before it's finished so I thought I'd have a practice at binding a smaller project before working with it on a larger scale.

I had a rumage through my fabric stash and found these lovely fabrics

At first I wasn't sure what to do with them but thanks to my Twitter friend @MrsDG I had a project in mind.

I cut the farics into squares and strips for patchwork and this is how it looked sewn together

I added wadding, a backing, binding and a loop and now I have a pretty pot holder!

It's been ever so useful already so now I want to make a few more.

I wanted to make a new oven glove as my old one wasn't very pretty and didn't go with my kitchen. It was also quite shabby as has been used alot. I ended up making this

I wasn't very happy with the binding. I tried to make my own and as you can see it's not very neat! I spent ages unpicking it all and added some ready made binding. This is the result

As you can see from the before and after picture there is quite a difference. I've ordered myself some pretty bias binding, so looking forward to those coming next week!

I must show you my fabrics I had delivered this week. I decided to treat myself to a stash of household fabrics. I did not know what was in the pack so it was a complete surprise...

So all as I need to do now is decide what I'm going to make!

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  1. You are very patient to unpick all the binding, but it paid off. At least now you feel happy with it. That's the main thing. Some gorgeous fabrics in your pack, what about some cushion covers, matching but all different (if you get what I mean)?