Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Frosty Mornings and Crafting Afternoons

I can't believe I havent blogged since August! It was summer back then and now we are bracing ourselves for Winter. It certaintly has been a chilly start to December with hard frosts and sleet but I do love proper seasons and Winter has to be my favourite. Maybe it's because I was born in January and snow had fallen turning the world into a winter wonderland.

I love everything about Christmas, espically the lead up. Even though I'm 30, I still have an advent calender and candle. I have my tree up, decorated my dresser and gifts to wrap. I can't help but feel excited.

My Christmas Tree
Making the table lool festive
My Dresser

I love waking up in a morning, drawing back the curtains to a white frost. Everywhere looks so pretty and I don't think there is anything nicer than wrapping up warm, piling on the layers and taking my dog for a walk, returning home, to a fresh pot of coffee and home made bread.

The days are so short now, I love lighting my candles and putting the christmas tree lights on and settle down to do some crafting under my patchwork quilt on the sofa.

I've been working on a number of projects since my last post. Those of you who follow me on Instagram and Twitter will recognise these from my photos. The patchwork quilt I made has become a bit hit with my fiance and dog, so I decided that I needed a girly one that would be just for me!
I'm making up star blocks and then will join them altogether when finished. I'm using pinks, pale blues and mint greens for my quilt, all girly shades.

One block completed
I've also been working on two crochet blankets, one a traditional granny sqaure and the other is one I blogged about in my last post.

I hope you all are feeling very festive and keeping warm! As for me, well I have candles lit, tree lights on and some christmas cross stitch to keep be occupied :)

Friday, 10 August 2012

A New Crocheting Project and a New Craft

I know it has been a while since my last post but I ended up having quite a busy month. I was taken away for a week's break which was a loely treat and just what I needed as I had been feeling unwell. We spent a lovely sunny week on the Welsh coast and by the end of the week I was feeling much recovered. I took a few crafts with me, my craft bag always comes away with me. I confess, I normally end up taking far more supplies than I need. This time I surpassed myself and took a jumper I was crocheting and a cross stitch to work on. As I write now, the said jumper still needs a sleeve and is much larger than expected, despite the gauge I did at the start of the project. I will blog about this jumper in a future post, hopefully I can finish the sleeve by then!

Early Morning on the Beach

We've been having beautiful weather here, and I have thoroughly enjoyed making the most of it. I've actually been able to wear clothes from my summer wardrobe and have my meals outside in the garden. I love summer days, so I fully intend to forget housework and make the most of the yellow ball in the sky!

As some of you may know, I can also be found on Twitter and Instagram. For my other readers, feel free to drop by and say hi. My username is sewingtails on both. I've met so many lovely people through these sites and quite a few have becone dear friends. It was whilst browsing Instagram I came across a beautiful crotchet pattern that I instanly knew I had to do. Minutes later, my crochet hook and yarn were in my hands and I was making chains. I have decided to turn my blocks into a bkanket that I can snuggle under in those long winter nights that are ahead of us.

My Progress so Far

My pets have been enjoying the lovely weather too. Shadow has spent more time outside than he has indoors and Denny, our guinea pig we rescued a few months ago has been spending all day out in his run. We took him to have his claws clipped last week and he hated it. The poor little thing buried his head under my arm afterwards. Even Ivy, our hamster has been out in the garden in her exercise ball

Since this picture was taken we bought Denny a bigger run. The wire around the run is to stop Shadow from trying to get to Denny. They both like each other as Denny starts squeaking every time he see's Shadow, with the latter wagging his tail.

I also spent a little time in the kitchen. I wanted to make something nice for my sister and ended up making her a cake. I have seen some lovely decorated cakes and really wanted to try my hand at making something myself. My sister has lots of pets, 10 guinea pigs, 2 cats and 2 rabbits so I knew my decoration would be animal related. I came up with the idea of a cute little rabbit, sitting on a patch of grass, holding a carrot. After a few attempts I came up with this

I really enjoyed venturing into cake decoration and can not wait to have a go at creating more. I hope you all have been enjoying the sunshine. I'm off to catch up on some blog reading now!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

A few gifts from America

My sister spent a week in America not so long ago and when ever she goes on holiday she always buys me lovely presents.

I asked her to look out for some nice fabric while she was away. I wanted something different that would be a keepsake of her holiday. She ended up buying me 3 meters of this lovely Fabric

And these buttons

They match the fabric.

I also had a box of lemonade crystals You add a sachet to cold water and it makes instant home made lemonade. It tastes delicious and just like the one I make on hot sunny days.

Shadow wasn't left out either. He had a tennis ball!

My sister asked me months ago if I would make her a brush roll so when she gave me this fabric I decided to make her one based upon the design of my own brush roll.

If I was to make one again I'd definitely make some adjustments. I'm not keen on the lining, it's also the same fabric used for the outer case. My sis was happy with it though and is using it :)

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A few little treats

A while ago I discovered a lovely website selling lots of gorgeous fabric called Sew La La. I admit I have spent a good while browsing all the lovely fabrics, adding them to my basket and then taking things out again! I had to, otherwise I'd have spent a fortune!

I finally decided to treat myself to something nice and went straight to Sew La La to buy some fabrics I'd spent so long drooling over.

As my order completed I felt so excited and couldn't wait to get stated on some sewing. I jotted down some notes and sketches of what I'd like to make so when my parcel arrived I could get started.

I was really impressed with the fast delivery. I received it next day and was packaged really well.

Here are a few pictures of what I received

Lovely Polkadots




More Flowers
Pretty Patchwork

I love the patchwork fabric and wanted to make a pretty makeup bag for myself. A while ago I bought a Catg Kidston brush roll, so I really wanted a make up bag that was big enough to store it in as well as my every day essentials.

I quilted the patchwork fabric, added.a zip and some polka dot lining and ended up with this

I like the ric rac trim and the button was part of a set that my sister bought me from America.

Whilst I was at my sewing machine I also had time to make a cover for my notebook. It's A5 size and will brighten up my sewing desk.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

A little bit of Cross stitch

A few weeks ago I had Cross Stitcher Home Style and as soon as I recieved it, I wanted to get started on a project straight away. I just had to choose which one and with so many beautiful patterns it took me a little while to decide. I finally settled upon a design featuring two birds sat upon a tea cup. I thought it would look nice in my kitchen when finished, hung on the wall. I had an empty frame which I knew would be a perfect fit.

As I did not have the recommended threads I rummaged through my stash and found I had colours in similar shades. I really do have a lot of embroidery threads so this was the perfect way of finally using some up.

I mainly stitched in the evenings whilst watching television. I have a condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy which effects my left hand and wrist so cross stitching is a perfect way of keeping my joints moving and enjoying myself at the same time!

I find cross stitch very addictive and after a couple of weeks my project was completed, back stitch done and hanging up in my kitchen.

I've already started my next cross stitch, again I chose one from the homesyle book. This time I am doing a floral display. I might turn this one into a cushion.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Sunshine Sewing

We have had some lovely weather lately, although the last few days have been much cooler. I hate staying indoors when the sun is shining so every opportunity I get I spend it in the garden.  My OH put up our gazebo and moved the outdoor table and chairs under it, so I had the perfect summer craft area!
I really wanted to borrow the extension lead so I could use my sewing machine outside but I thought that might be going a bit far and I didn't want to risk it getting damaged.

As the sun shone, I decided to treat myself to Cath Kidston's Stitch book. I had her Sew book for Christmas and refer to it all the time. I wasn't disappointed when it arrived. There are some lovely patterns and projects so I'm sure I'll be using this book for a while.

The book came with a free gift, a kit to make a zipped purse. I thought this was very appropriate seeing as in my last post I finally managed to get neat zip ends! I had never used soluble canvas to cross stitch on before but I was amazed with the finished result. I wasn't worried either when it came to adding the zip! The kit didn't provide any lining material and I do like adding lining to my projects. I found some lovely pale blue polka dot fabric in my stash and gave the purse a lining. I also added a little keyring on one side as I really find these useful on purses and can attach to my cross stitch bag.

I came across an old WIP, while sorting out some of my crafting stash. I had started a lovely All Our Yesterday's cross stitch which I had left unfinished. It was a free gift with World of Cross Stitching magazine and I instantly loved the picture, mainly because it reminds me when I was a little girl, wrapping my arm around my dog, Jenna. Jenna was an adorable black and white Springer Spaniel and the dog I grew up with. She sadly passed away when I was 17 but I'll never forget her. It didn't take long to finish and my first thoughts were to frame it. However I am running out of wall space and my OH bought me two lovely shelves to go above my desk, so I decided to turn it into a little cushion.

I added strips of fabric in the log cabin patchwork style and cut out backing fabric. I then filled the cushion with stuffing and dried lavender and eventually when my shelves are up, it will have a place where I can see it every day.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Zips, Purses and more!

Well this week I have been busy doing what I love best - crafting! I wanted to make up some coin purses as I find them extermely useful for keeping little things in around the house. I also wanted to make up some stock for my shop on Folksy which can be found here.

I've had a go adding zips to purses in the past but I wasn't happy with how the corners turned out. I never seemed to end up with square corners at each end of the zip.

Corners not very neat

I decided to try using zip covers as a way to sew up these purses to see if it made any difference

Zip covers attached


After hours and hours of practice I finally got it right and ended up making these cute little coin purses.

Neat corners!

More purses

I love making zipped purses now! I've ordered more zips as I used up all what I had in my stash so just waiting for them to arrive now. I really enjoyed making the strawberry keyrings. They are available to buy in my Folsky shop.

I also had time to make up cases for mobile phones. I chose some bright flower material and used wadding to add extra protection for the phone.

I've been asked to create a make up brush roll, so I'm looking forward to adding a zip to it! I've already chosen some nice fabrics for it and made a rough design on paper. If my zips arrive soon I might be able to show you in my next post.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

My Holiday in St Ives

St Ives, Cornwall

I've just come back from a lovely week away in St Ives, Cornwall. I've been going since I was 14 and it's one of my favourite places. So many things to see and do, a week is never long enough! I planned on spending most of the evenings crafting but as the nights are lighter and the weather was surprisingly mild, I spent the time on the beach with my dogs instead.

I certaintly made the most of having shops right on my doorstep. To get to any shops when I am at home, I have to drive into the nearest town so this was a great novelty to have a wonder several times a day!

I was a regular visitor here!

Of course I was very eager to visit the Cath Kidston shop and have a browse and maybe purchase something. I love all the Cath Kidston designs and could have and probably did spend hours browsing at all the products. On our first day in St Ives, my lovely fiance bought me a bracelet I had wanted for a while.

My lovely bracelet

I also bought a few little treats for myself. I couldn't resist!

My goodies!

The top two photographs are of my make up brush roll. The brushes are made from goat hair and are so soft. The bottom left is a pack of pocket tissues and the bottom right is my new plastic picnic wine glass, although I have been using it today in the house.

I discovered a little shop that sold St Ives fabric. I just had to buy some;

I did find a bit of time to make up some jewellery. I had planned on making more but got distracted with other things!

The week went by so quickly and before I knew it I was back at home! I have some plans next week to spend some time at the sewing machine with my new fabric.

My dog really enjoyed the beaches and spent many hours playing with his ball in the sand. Dog's are not allowed on certain beaches between 8am and 7pm, so every morning we'd be on the beach from 6am. The one beach that does allow dogs all day was entirely covered by sea for most of the day but as soon as the tide turned we were back on it!

I was approached by several dog owners during my week away, concerned and wanting support over the possible dog ban 365 days a year, 24 hours a day on all the beaches in St Ives. Even though I am a dog owner myself, I can see the point of view from both sides. Not every dog owner is responsible enough to clear up after their pets. I always make sure I carry dog bags with me. It only takes seconds to clear up and very little effort. I do hope they leave one beach free for the dogs as Shadow loves the beach and so do I and I would love to return to St Ives!

It was a lovely week away and I created some lovely memories (and bought some nice things too) but now its time to get back crafting and enjoy myself some more!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A few little things..

This flu bug has really knocked me about. After two weeks of feeling really poorly Im finally on the mend. I'm still really dizzy at times so better take things easy!

I've really missed sewing and thought I'd ease myself back into things with a small project. The result being a pretty needle case. I used the pattern from Cath Kidson's Sew book. I can see that book is proving very useful!

I think the fabric is so pretty. This is what it looks like inside

My OH suprised me with such a lovely thoughful gift. He had pleaced an order for some business cards advertising Sewing Tails...and Other Crafts!

I love the image of the little dog. Anyway this got me thinking of what I could use to store these cards and for my next project I made a very useful card holder.

Even though I was supposed to be taking things easy, I couldn't making myself a travel bag for my upcoming holiday

I can't wait to use it now as I feel a holiday would do me really good!

I've got several more projects that I would like to work on this week. I'm hoping to make up some more bracelets. I had a go yesterday and came up with these

I also took part in Love UK Crafters, which has been launched by Popular Crafts Magazine editor. More details can be found here. My work has been promoted in a short video clip!